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Surfboard Shaping Machine

Companies Are Starting To build Shaping Machines From The Ground Up


The art of hand crafting surfboards is still not forgotten in the age of machined blanks and molded epoxy boards. Taking all that we have learned from the “true” methodsĀ  of shaping and integrating a robotic like CNC machine. We find a common ground between the movements of hand shaping and the consistency of a CNC. The idea of a board coming off the jig ready to glass is far from fact. The process that the CNC is programed for is the time consuming and often back breaking process. This shaping process can only be ready after a hand shaped board has been verified for production. Even with all the advances we have taken with the mechanical side of shaping the finial step is still left for the Shapers.


A great video on a companies new shaping technology:


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